Whittington Mum is logging off….

October 1, 2010

yes…it is sad but true. I have started a new full-time job two weeks ago and job AND baby AND blogging is simply too much for me. So something’s gotta go and I am afraid it’s this blog.

But don’t despair there’s good news pretty much all round:

  • the A&E and the maternity unit of the Whittington hospital is still around and will be for a while or possibly even for many more hundreds of years
  • there are many brilliant mothers and fathers campaigning hard to “Keep Haringey breastfeeding” and will continue to do so until the campaign is won
  • I’ve got an exciting new job setting up a network of parents across the Uk to campaign for better quality health care

What can I say – I will miss this blog. I started it on the spur of the moment back in February and had no idea that it would serve so many purposes: saving the Whittington, keeping my friends informed wether or not I was in labour yet, helping me to work through the pretty traumatic birth experience and help to build a completely new campaign to keep Haringey breastfeeding.

It has also made me into a minor local celebrity. I’ve been courted by almost all local political parties (except the Conservatives) before the election, received (undeserved) praise from a number of other mums when they found out that I was Whittington Mum and even the midwife who delivered my son exclaimed when my husband mention it: “No! She is Whittington Mum?!? I imagined her to be completely different!” I never found out if she meant different in a good or bad way 🙂

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for reading.


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