Keep Haringey Breastfeeding ! You go girls ! (and boys)

October 1, 2010

There have been some great developments on the “Keep Haringey Breastfeeding” front.

Firstly, I received a letter from my MP Lynne Featherstone. She had received a letter from Tracey Baldwin, Chief Executive of Haringey Primary Care Trust and wait for it…there will soon be a breastfeeding support group in Wood Green (in Noel Park children’s Centre). Yay – just as so many mothers in Wood Green wanted.

Secondly, we wrote a letter to Tracey Baldwin highlighting that service users need to be adequately consulted in the review on breastfeeding support in Haringey, they have promised to conduct. Now mothers from the Keep  Breastfeeding Campaign will have a meeting at Haringey Primary Care Trust next week to discuss the issue.

And lastly, our campaign has had national media coverage in the Daily Mail – would you believe it. The reason why is quite sad though. One of our mothers was told to “face the wall” in St. Ann’s library while breastfeeding her eight-week old baby. Ridiculous ! Read it here. Apparently Haringey Council wants the libraries to be places where mothers can feel comfortable to breastfeed. Well, I guess they need to try harder. 

To keep up to date with the campaign please, please join us on facebook. And I am sure Sarah Cope will blog updates.


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