Hannah left a comment on this blog which really deserves more prominence. So here we go. Please sign it and forward it:

We have started a petition against the cuts. Please visit this website and take a stand –



There’s a good summary of the newly announced cuts in the Ham & High. Apparently Early Years and Children’s Centre face a cut of 6.5 million. Great.

Click here to read the article. But let me warn you it makes very depressing reading.

And Mrs Baldwin has posted an update on mumsnet regarding the children’s Centres and nurseries. Click here for more info

So – it’s all happening but we don’t know exactly what. And Mrsbaldwin seems to suggest that all children’s centres will stay open..well …forgive my scepticism – I believe it when I see it.

They probably stay open if we run them ourselves in the spirit of the Big Society. Yay ! Anyone fancies running a play session in their local children’s centre after work ? I am free between 8 pm and 9pm on monday evenings. You don’t mind that I collapse with exhaustion while I am minding your children, do you?

Guys – I’m exhausted. Motherhood and working life does not leave me with much time/energy/desire to blog or monitor the cuts. It’s all so depressing.

But just to let you know that Mrs Baldwin has done a stirling job and dug up some info regarding Haringey Children’s Centres and posted it on mumsnet.

Here’s what she said:

“LB Haringey published their budget proposals yesterday, here:
www.minutes.haringey.gov.uk/mgConvert2PDF.aspx?ID= 19577

Item 61 says:
“Early Years and Childcare – This currently enables us to support and deliver 18 children’s centres and our statutory obligations regarding quality and access. The children’s centre programme, management , administration and commissioning of services will be reduced and services targeted to the most vulnerable families. The Family Information Service will also be integrated into the new early years structure.

“This will result in a reduction to the number of centres designated as providing the core children’s centre offer; those that are resourced to provide the full core offer will be targeted at those areas of most need in line with the original programme intentions.”

There are also some numbers:
In £’000s
2011/12 – £5236
2112/13 – £1, 283
No figure at all in the 2013/14 column

This may mean a huge drop in funding and various closures, redundancies etc between 2011 and 2012, although I need to check I have understood the spreadsheet right.

I am planning to ask the Council this week what they think all this will mean in practice and will post anything interesting here” [on mumsnet]

Quite a few people have typed into their search engines updates about the Haringey Breastfeeding Campaign and arrived at this blog. Apologies for everyone who could not find the info they were looking for.

Click on this link for the latest article on the campaign.

As far as I am concerned there are two big scandals here:

1) the huge differences in breastfeeding rates between the east and west of the borough (see above article for details) St. Anns – 26.7% vs Highgate – 64.3%(shocking, ey?)

2) The fact that the Haringey PCT board accepted the recommendation that a specialist would lead to the universal health staff to be de-skilled on the basis of anecdotal evidence.

Frankly, basing decisions on anecdotal evidence is not good enough. Sheena Carr, the author of the Haringey breastfeeding review finally promised – after we challenged her repeatedly – to find the evidence to back up her recommendation which has already been rubber stamped by the PCT board.

Two weeks on we’re still waiting for her to come back to us with the promised evidence. I have suggested that she should also present a summary of evidence in support of a breastfeeding specialist so the whole process of adopting the recommendations of the Haringey Breastfeeding Review (some of them are very good) does not descend into a total farce.

We’re waiting to hear back from Sheena.

You can read the text of our deputation to Haringey PCT board on Sarah Cope’s blog (but please don’t buy into the alarmist “Don’t get sick in Haringey” stuff in the rest of the article – while things might not be looking great you can still get most of the health treatment you need – so don’t worry yourself sick 🙂

There have been some great developments on the “Keep Haringey Breastfeeding” front.

Firstly, I received a letter from my MP Lynne Featherstone. She had received a letter from Tracey Baldwin, Chief Executive of Haringey Primary Care Trust and wait for it…there will soon be a breastfeeding support group in Wood Green (in Noel Park children’s Centre). Yay – just as so many mothers in Wood Green wanted.

Secondly, we wrote a letter to Tracey Baldwin highlighting that service users need to be adequately consulted in the review on breastfeeding support in Haringey, they have promised to conduct. Now mothers from the Keep  Breastfeeding Campaign will have a meeting at Haringey Primary Care Trust next week to discuss the issue.

And lastly, our campaign has had national media coverage in the Daily Mail – would you believe it. The reason why is quite sad though. One of our mothers was told to “face the wall” in St. Ann’s library while breastfeeding her eight-week old baby. Ridiculous ! Read it here. Apparently Haringey Council wants the libraries to be places where mothers can feel comfortable to breastfeed. Well, I guess they need to try harder. 

To keep up to date with the campaign please, please join us on facebook. And I am sure Sarah Cope will blog updates.

Brilliant news: Our campaign had its’ first success !

As a result of our letter writing campaign, petition and action day Tracey Baldwin, the Chief Executive of Haringey Primary Care Trust has promised to review breastfeeding support in Haringey, including a support group in Wood Green and the post of a Breastfeeding Specialist Midwife.

This is a great first result.

But we need to keep the pressure up to ensure that better breastfeeding support in Haringey becomes a reality.

 If you have not done so already please click here to write a few letters.

It’s vital we keep going !


Read the article here