My blogging reputation in tatters – oh dear !

May 27, 2011

Oh dear, oh dear…I have just logged on to the blog. The first time in about four months and …shock horror…people are STILL looking at it…Oh dear.

Apologies to anyone who wanted to read one of my famous rants and couldn’t find one.

It was partly my mistake as I went to a public meeting on the NHS in Crouch End on Tuesday and …as you would expect me to …asked a question from the floor about what advice the panel could give to parents who are concerned about aspects of the NHS reform and of course identified myself as Whittington Mum.

Next thing I know is I get lots of hits on my blog which hasn’t been updated since January…oh dear…there goes my reputation as a blogger….

What’s my excuse? it was a lot easier to blog when I didn’t have a child and wasn’t working pretty much full time.

The reason this blog is neglected isn’t because there aren’t LOTS of things to speak out about. The reasons are:

1) I am juggling a million balls at once at the moment and sadly this blog is the least important of the balls – so it gets dropped pretty much all the time

2) The scale and the force of the cuts is so overwhelming that it is difficult to keep up with this pace

3) I spend my working hours campaigning for a better health service

So many apologies to all. I can’t even promise it’s going to get better. But I will keep at it if and when I can….so please keep checking back….


One Response to “My blogging reputation in tatters – oh dear !”

  1. Mei Says:

    Hi, Sara,

    How are you all? Yes, please keep the blog going, I do pop in from time to time!

    Hope you’re all keeping well.


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