What’s happening with the Whittington?

October 1, 2010

I’ve been very busy lately so did not have much time for blogging. Will explain why in a minute.

About two weeks ago Jeremy Corbyn called a public meeting about the Whittington. As I have a four-months old baby – whom I still partially breastfeed – I’m not going anywhere much in the evening so I didn’t attend.

However I have been told that “Stephen Conroy [Communications Director of NHS North Central London] made it clear that the seven proposals will be scrapped, likewise the proposed reconfiguration of services. However he did then say that they would be looking at each individual service to see if reconfiguration etc is needed.”

It’s good news to scrap the ridiculous proposals as they simply weren’t based on any evidence. But they still might end up wanting to close the Whittington if they draw up new reconfiguration plans. NHS North Central London will need to hurry though as they will soon be scrapped along with all other Strategic Health Authorities under the new plans for the NHS put forward by the Coalition Government.

It’s very much “keep calm and carry on” for now. I know that quite a few people will be watching the Whittington situation very, very closely and will make the appropriate noise if there is a new threat. Sadly, I can’t promise you I’ll be reporting about it.  But I am sure the local media, such as Ham&High and the Islington Tribune will.

The Defend the Whittington Coalition will probably issue a few more calls for protests, as they did over the summer. I don’t think more protests are the best way forward at this point in time to save the Whittington. So my advice would be to save the marching for when we really need it.


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