Our MP is supporting us !

August 3, 2010

Just a quick one to say that MP (and Under-Secretary of State for Equalities) Lynne Featherstone has thrown her weight behind our campaign.

Many of us have received a letter from her which included a copy of the letter she had sent to Tracey Baldwin, Chief Executive of Haringey Primary Care Trust on our action day.

In her letter Lynne has asked Haringey PCT to:

  • Establish the post of specialist breastfeeding midwife in Haringey on a permanent basis (widening the remit of a review on breastfeeding services to include the possibility of a permanent post would be welcome)
  • Make the timeline of any review Haringey PCT undertakes regarding this matter publicly available
  • Consult service users widely during any review and make the conclusions available to the general public on the PCT website
  • ask if Haringey PCT plans to receive UNICEF baby friendly accreditation  for its’ community health care facilities and if so what the timeline and the budget is for this undertaking
  • Commit further resources to ensure that all mothers in Haringey can access the breastfeeding support they need on a regular basis including establishing a breastfeeding support group in Wood Green N22 in addition to existing support groups
  • Make all future plans to improve (or reduce) the breastfeeding support in Haringey publicly available
  • Widely and publicly consult service users regarding a significant change to breastfeeding support service provisions in Haringey
  • Well, we are all waiting for Tracey Baldwin’s reply…


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