Haringey PCT are wasting my time and I’m sick of it !

July 27, 2010

This is a blog after all so I think it’s time for a good old rant – didn’t have one for a while.

Most of you will know that we are planning a little gathering tomorrow at 9.15 at St. Anns Hospital. While we are there we might as well raise our concerns directly with the board of Haringey Primary Care Trust.  After all they have all the procedures in place for members of the general public to speak to them.

They even have an entire document about how to ask a question or make a deputation to the board here.

I think this is great. I like transparency and I like to know what the procedures are for raising concerns with the board and this document tells me all about it.

So I patiently wait until 5 working days before the next board meeting so I can have a look at the agenda. Only problem: the agenda didn’t show up on their website 5 days before the meeting, even though it says so in the document.

Never mind I say – I will ask them to make my deputation then without knowing the agenda. They have got a simple online form to fill in to request a deputation. So I fill it in and the website tells me that the form has been submitted successfully.

Luckily, I want to make extra sure it has actually been received. I get suspicious because I don’t get a confirmation e-mail. So I sent an e-mail to the e-mail address I am supposed to: board.questions@haringey.nhs.uk and my e-mail bounces back straight away. I don’t have a fax otherwise I would have tried to send a fax to the fax number they provide – just for a laugh because I like filling in forms time and time again. I have got a two months old baby – I have got all the time in the world !

But I don’t have a fax so the next day I search the Haringey PCT website for someone whose remit it might be to sort this mess out. I decide to go for Duncan Stroud, the Associate Director of Communications, Stakeholder and Engagement and sent him an e-mail.

His e-mail address works, which is great and thankfully Duncan does what he is supposed to do and COMMUNICATES ! He explains about technical difficulties with uploading the agenda of the board meeting and miraculously that same day the agenda appears on the website (4 working days before the meeting but who is counting?) He also kindly offers that I could send the deputation request to him and he could pass it on and I take him up on his offer.

Yesterday he sends me another e-mail to let me know that the board secretary will be in touch later that day to let me know the decision about our deputation….but he or she doesn’t get in touch later that day…

It’s now about 25 hours before the start of the board meeting and I sent my first request five days ago. I still don’t know wether we will be able to address the board.

But what the heck – We don’t really need to prepare what we want to say to the board. Or we could prepare what we want to say to the board just in case. Or we could wait until I hear from them and then prepare at the last minute because  as I said we have all the time in the world because we don’t really need to look after our small babies…..

So what’s wrong with Haringey Primary Care Trust ?

Is this simple incompetence or the desire to make it really difficult for local people to have their say? Whatever it is Haringey PCT are wasting my time and I am sick of it !


One Response to “Haringey PCT are wasting my time and I’m sick of it !”

  1. Just to say that Haringey PCT have now confirmed that we will be able to make a deputation to the board tomorrow and apologised for the complications.

    I still can’t believe that it took ages to get such a small, routine thing sorted ….

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