My baby and I need you !

July 18, 2010

Please join me and other local mothers to campaign for better breastfeeding support services in Haringey. We have only one breastfeeding specialist for the entire borough. This is simply not enough to help all mothers who want to breastfeed. Please help us so that my baby and many others will get the healthiest possible start in life.
Here’s what you can do:

–  Sign our online petition

–  Write a few letters
Come and support our action day! 
Wednesday, 28 July @ 9.15 am

Main entrance, St. Ann’s Hospital, St Ann’s Road, Tottenham N15 3TH

What’s happening ? The protest coincides with the Haringey Primary Care Trust (PCT) board meeting. The PCT is the body responsible for providing breastfeeding support. We want to be there to tell them to ensure all mothers and babies have the support they need ! Please come along. We really need you there so we can show the board how many people care about breastfeeding.
If you have a baby – bring him or her along. If you don’t have a baby – just bring yourself. We’ll be very grateful for any extra pair of hands !
Please forward this to your friends.
More info here:
Mums Fight Loss of Breastfeeding Post
Haringey Advertiser –



One Response to “My baby and I need you !”

  1. […] of you will know that we are planning a little gathering tomorrow at 9.15 at St. Anns Hospital. While we are there we might as well raise our concerns directly with the board of Haringey Primary […]

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