The Birth Centre: Second Attempt

June 17, 2010

We arrived at the Birth Centre and to my great annoyance were put in the exact same room we had been 14 hours previously. So unless someone had been in and out of the room with a real quick labour in the meantime (which I believe is pretty unlikely) it had remained empty …waiting for me to return.

I was examined and was resigned to the fact that I’d be back in the car within minutes. But then the midwife declared me to be “a good 6 cm” dilated. And by the way my waters were gone as well. She seemed pretty pleased that I had progressed so far already. I had absolutely no strength to tell her that the only thing which had kept me at home for so long was the fear of being turned back again and if my partner and mother hadn’t insisted that I’d go in I would have probably ended up with an involuntary home birth.

The good news was that not only was I allowed to stay – finally – but also I could go straight into the birth pool.


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