My waters break…in the water…

June 17, 2010

Let me pick up where I left off:

I returned home from the Birth Centre – over a million painful speed humps – and arrived feeling pretty desperate. For the first time I really didn’t know what to do anymore so I decided to do what the midwife at the birth centre told me to do: Have a bath.

So I squeezed into our tiny bath in our tiny bathroom asking my husband to stay close by because I really didn’t know how on earth I was ever going to get out of the bath on my own.

Suddenly I felt the often described “gushing” feeling. Like this  – I reckoned  – it could feel when your waters break. So there I was: surrounded by many liters of bath water with no way of tracing my waters if they had actually broken. Great.

I thought what might happen if we phoned the Birth Centre. They might not care that much or they might tell me to come in to check if my waters had broken. In case I had made a mistake I might end up going over a million speed humps to and back all for nothing – as I just had done an hour ago. So I made a split second decision to assume I had made a mistake and that my waters hadn’t actually broken. And I simply forgot about it….

Now I of course know that my waters did actually break while I was in the bath and the whole “prolonged rupture of membrane”  business (that’s what they call it when your waters broke more than 24 hours before delivery – I believe) would turn out to be a real nuisance once my son was born.

But for the moment at 3 am I miraculously managed to get out of the bath and back in my bed to breathe through the contractions…


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