My son is born

June 17, 2010

So I push with all my might when I am told to push. It feels liberating to be finally able to push. I can clearly feel my sons’ head.

 After a few seconds (it is actually 10 minutes) I can feel him slipping out. I can hear the midwife saying; “A lot of meconium. The cord is twice around his neck.” and then I hear her saying: ” My son’s name –you dirty boy !” She is obviously referring to all the meconium. I have to laugh.

And then I see my son. He looks very floppy with very long arms and legs dangling from his body. “Just like his Dad” I think and a split second later: Is he ok ? Is he ok? IS HE OK ?!?

I am told he is ok and a minute later I have him in my arms. He is perfect. He looks at me with very big eyes. I look at him and all I can think is that he is a really great person. It is almost like I get a quick glimpse of his entire life unfolding before me.  It is clear to me that he is a really great human being and that life will be incredible colourful and interesting with him in it.

I didn’t expect to feel this way – but I really, really love this feeling. My partner and my mother are ecstatic. Life is great.


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