In the Birthing Pool

June 17, 2010

I can’t describe the feeling when I finally got into the birthing pool. It felt wonderful. If I would have had the strength I would have started splashing around in the pool…but I had no time for a bit of fun…I still had to concentrate on breathing through the contractions.

The next four hours in the pool was by far the best time I had during my labour. The lights were dimly lit, I listened to the classical music I had brought and finally – after 24 hours of contractions – I had some other form of pain relief except my breath. I also finally had a midwife looking after me. What could possibly go wrong from here ?

As the contractions grew stronger I started to use gas and air and for a few hours I felt in control again. I had also asked my partner to tell me at every contraction that “it would all be over soon.” And he very faithfully lied to me through the many more hours contractions that lay ahead that “it would all be over soon” at every single contraction.

He must have felt like a broken record a thousand times over but he kept going and it really, really helped me into kidding myself that it would all be over soon. In reality of course things were only getting started…


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