I want an epidural and I want it NOW !

June 17, 2010

I needed more pain relief and more importantly I needed to get rid off this stupid urge to push when I wasn’t supposed to push. I remembered that with an epidural you are not supposed to feel anything and many women can’t feel the urge to push at all. So my choice was clear: I needed an epidural and I needed it fast.

I asked what my options were regarding pain relief and the midwife told me there weren’t any in the Birth Centre. If I wanted an epidural I would need to transfer to Labour Ward. I said that this was what I wanted to do.

I could clearly feel that the midwife felt a mixture of reluctance and disappointment that I wanted an epidural. Secretly I was hoping that she wouldn’t say something like “But you’re coping so well – breathing and all.”

Luckily she didn’t say it but suggested she would examine me outside the pool to get a better idea how far I was from delivery. I agreed and got out off the pool. Apparently I was 9 cm dilated so not far off but more importantly the midwife had a feel for the baby and said she could feel something on his head she wasn’t quite sure what it was. It could be that the baby had no hair or something else and she couldn’t give me an idea how much longer it would all take.

So that was it for me. I wanted an epidural – NOW. Luckily my partner backed me up immediately and said that it was in my birth plan if I felt I couldn’t cope I wanted an epidural.

After this there was no further discussion and I was put in a wheelchair (trust me – at 9 cm dilated the last place you want to be is in a bloody wheelchair ! Hence my suggestion that the Birth Centre provides other means of getting people up to Labour ward than a wheelchair !).

After the wheelchair interlude I was in agony…


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