Adventures on labour ward

June 17, 2010

In agony I might have been, but I was also one floor up on labour ward and I even had an anaesthetist speaking to me.

By that point I was really out of it and all I could do was clutching the gas and air and only nod at the anaesthetist. All I could think about was that she was really young, had a posh voice and must have gotten her medical degree at Imperial College…the things which go through your mind during labour….

Anyway: I nodded at all the usual questions…was I aware it might not be very effective as it was so late in the day, was I aware that my baby might already be born by the time the epidural took effect, was I aware that one epidural in some large number resulted in probably something awful …YES ! YES !YES ! or rather: WHATEVER ! WHATEVER ! WHATEVER ! I didn’t care. I just wanted her to get on with it…quick…All I managed to say to her except nodding was that I wanted to push but I wasn’t supposed to push. She must have thought I am some mad woman ….

I finally got the epidural. There was no way I could sit up so I got it lying on my side. Was I aware that this might make the epidural even less effective…WHATEVER….

And so I found myself in the horror scenario from my antenatal yoga classes: Lying on my back, a million monitors attached to me – the worst ever position to give birth in…but hey the price you pay for an epidural.

The epidural must have had some effect because the pain seemed a bit easier to bear but at no point was I pain free. And to my dismay the Ferguson reflex continued …the urge to push grew stronger and stronger.

At some point I gave in and just pushed. There was nothing I could do. My mother stood by my side and tried to persuade me to breathe through the urge to push to make it go away. I tried to explain to her that breathing didn’t help here. It felt like my whole body was taken over by this giant urge to push and no breathing or anything else could stop it…very scary….


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