A new midwife, an attitude and more

June 17, 2010

When I arrived in Labour Ward I was introduced to the midwife who would be looking after me. I was told that she was very experienced.

As mentioned I am pretty much out of it – wheelchair, epidural, Ferguson reflex and the rest of it but I get the vibe that she isn’t terribly pleased to have me. Maybe she thinks it’s stupid of me to turn up on labour ward at 9 cm dilated and that I should just stop whingeing about having contractions for over 24 hours.

Obviously that is just my impression and it might have been completely wrong but at the time I couldn’t help thinking: “Oh my God! I know a million midwives and I end up with the only one I know with an attitude !”.

While I am fighting the Ferguson reflex strapped to the bed she seems to be doing some paperwork or something and occasionally checking the monitors. Does she really not understand that I need to push ?!!?

Occasionally a doctor pops in. I like her because she acknowledges the fact that I have been in labour for a long time and am clearly exhausted. Thank you ! Someone seems to understand what I am going through here. The doctor says something like we need to wait for an hour and then we’re ready for delivery. I can’t believe I have to wait for another hour ! I am convinced that in an hour I will be even more exhausted and it will certainly have to be a ventouse delivery or something.

In fact I am pretty amazed that the babies heart beat has remained strong so far. I think that he might get distressed at any time now and that we’d be heading for an emergency caesarean …but his heartbeat continues to remain strong and rhythmical.

After a long time and many more urges to push I ask the midwife if the hours isn’t over yet and if can’t just please get on with it. I really don’t know why she is taking her time.

Finally she agrees. It’s time to push. But before we get on with it I need to listen to a lecture about how she wants me to push when she tells me to push, that I am not as exhausted as I think and that we don’t need any doctors because we can do it.

I have absolutely no strength to argue with her. Does she not understand that all I wanted to do for the last seven hours was to push ?!? I don’t need a “You need to push” pep talk I will push all by myself because I want nothing more in the whole world right now. But I just keep quiet. I do tell her though that I trust her judgement to do an epistomy if needed. That was obviously the right strategy as she seems quite pleased. I think that’s the first time I have seen her quite pleased.

I must add here that about fifteen minutes later it is my attitude that changes – completely. The second she will deliver my son I will love this woman with all my heart.  And a bit later after her face is the only familiar face I see when coming back from the brink of death she will feel like a sister to me.

But let me not jump ahead too much. At the moment my midwife and I are getting ready to push…


One Response to “A new midwife, an attitude and more”

  1. Alice Hoyle Says:

    Am having a good old nosy at your blog and blimey sounds like we had similar midwive’s.

    Next time I see you we should share birth stories!

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