The real thing

June 15, 2010

That same evening it finally happened: The real thing ! At around 7 pm the contractions came back and make the ones from the night before like an easy practice run.

The night before I had still been able to follow what was on telly and even write the odd blog post – this night was different. Moving around was painful and concentrating on anything else except my breath was impossible. So I went to bed breathing while the contractions got stronger and more frequent.

At some point I asked my husband to ring the birth centre. Apparently they told him not to come in yet and that I should take a bath. There was no way I was going to squeeze into our tiny bathroom into our tiny bath (well – it’s not really that tiny but it feels like this way if you’re 9 months pregnant) so I just ignored that piece of advice. In hindsight I shouldn’t have or at least lied about it.

After several more hours the contractions came every three minutes and I felt I needed to go to the hospital because if things got any worse I wasn’t sure how I’d ever get in the car. I was well aware of the many stories of people being turned back from the birth centre in the middle of the night because they weren’t “in active labour yet” and I was praying that this wouldn’t happen to me.

I remembered the words of my NCT teacher “Trust your instincts. You know when the right time is to go to hospital.” So I trusted my instinct and we set out for the Whittington.

I never had given a thought to speed humps. That night I felt every single one of them and there must be about a million between Noel Park and the Whittington. Ouch !


2 Responses to “The real thing”

  1. Dear Sarochka,

    First of all: CONGRATULATIONS! I have just found out from facebook and your blog.

    Second: the same should happen to us within a few next weeks (our second one). Hopefully, Canadian experience will be different from the UK.

    I wanted to ask you: did you take any epidural? Women here praise it as majic panacea and almost recommend taking it right before the labor starts 🙂

    Please stay in touch,


    • Hi Lyesha

      Congratulations yourselves on Number 2 ! Brilliant news !

      And in answer to your question: Yes. I did have an epidural in the end (didn’t quite get round to blogging about it yet – will post the link once I have done). As you will read I opted for an epidural very late in the day. And it was not 100 % effective but I did feel less pain. I only asked for an epidural when I really felt I could not take it any longer.
      This is what I had planned in my Birth Plan: Try and get by on breathing, birthing pool and gas & air for pain relief but if things go on for too long and are too painful – ask for an epidural.

      The problems with going for an epidural can be that it slows down labour, women don’t always push effectively and the risk of other interventions i.e. ventouse or forceps delivery, ceasarean etc are higher.

      So my advice would be: Don’t treat it as a magic cure for labour pains. Try and see if you can use other methods of pain relief first and as a last resort request an epidural.

      All the best of luck and let me know how things are going. Fingers crossed for you guys !

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