Message to Birth Centre Staff and Users

June 15, 2010

Just a quick message before I continue to blog my experience:

To the Head of the Whittington Birth Centre and Staff

May I use the opportunity to recommend that the “4 cm rule” (see previous blog post) is applied with discretion. In fact I know it has been for other mothers – but not in my case.

It would have made my life a lot easier and I would have felt a lot safer and better cared  for if I would have been allowed to stay.

I would also suggest that the distance someone has to travel to the hospital is taken into account when deciding wether or not to send someone home.

I hope other mothers-to-be will have a better experience regarding this matter. When giving birth women need to trust their instincts. But we also need the professionals to trust our instincts, too. Please read the next few blog posts to understand why I believe that it would have been beneficial for everyone if I would have been allowed to stay at the Birth Centre the first time round.

And while I am writing this message: I believe it would be a really good idea to have something else than a wheelchair to transfer people to the Labour ward. More on why I think it’s a good idea later. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

To those thinking of using the Birth Centre

Please don’t let my experience put you off. The Birth Centre is great and by the time you get there you might be 4 cm dilated. Even if you are not they still might let you stay without a fuss (just read in my local NCT newsletter that someone was given a choice at 3 cm wether or not to go home or stay in the birth centre).

In case I have really worried you – you could always brief your partner to be really assertive and prepare arguments well in advance. If you feel it’s ok to go home when they send you back you need never use them.


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