False Alarm

June 15, 2010

Let me start again where I left off (for those of you who can’t remember it was here). After blogging I went to bed and breathed through the contractions until about 1 am when they suddenly stopped. I was a bit surprised but figured that the best thing to do was to get some sleep. So I did.

 I woke up early. I was relatively calm – but only relatively. To keep it that way I went for a walk in my local park. It was quite strange because I would still get the odd contraction (maybe one every 30 minutes) so would have to stop in my tracks and breathe. I must have been an odd sight.

 On my way back I happened to bump into my midwife on her way to work. I was very pleased to see her and told her about my false alarm. She seemed very chilled about it all so I decided to try and be very chilled as well. I set off for my acupuncture appointment at the Whittington hoping it would help to set off the real thing.

 Before heading home I managed to squeeze in lunch with a friend in Archway. I still had the odd contraction and sometimes had to stop mid-sentence and breathe. All credit to my childless friend who took it all in his stride. Thanks mate! Other guys would have definitely freaked in this situation


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