Confirmed: London A&E closures to be scrapped !!!

May 19, 2010

To take my mind off my contractions (they are coming every 10 minutes now …something tells me I won’t be getting much sleep tonight..) I put the telly on and watched BBC London news just now….

…and there it was: confirmation that the new Health Secretary Andrew Lansley will stand by his pre-election promise to scrap the planned A&E closures in London. which includes the Whittington.

This is really fantastic news and the confirmation I had been waiting for. Well done again to everyone who got involved with the campaign !

Click here to read the BBC London report.

Apparently BBC London also managed to get their hands on the famous McKinsey report on which many of the recent plans seemed to have been based. The report has so far been kept secret.  The BBC reported that the McKinsey report will finally be made public tomorrow…so that’s something to look forward to….

I have a feeling I’ll be busy with something else tomorrow though….Thanks to all of you for reading this blog so faithfully.  The Whittington is here to stay and I’m off to have the baby now…


2 Responses to “Confirmed: London A&E closures to be scrapped !!!”

  1. Emma Dixon Says:

    Good luck Sara! Keep us posted with your baby news! Thinking of you xxx

  2. […] 15, 2010 Let me start again where I left off (for those of you who can’t remember it was here). After blogging I went to bed and breathed through the contractions until about 1 am when they […]

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