I hope you’re voting today !

May 6, 2010

Just back from the polling station. I hope you’re voting, too.

People have actually e-mailed me to ask my advice on who to vote for. Just for the record: I’m not telling anyone how to vote – at least not in public 🙂

In terms of saving the Whittington A&E any of the four major parties will be fine as they have all promised to save it.

Quick reminder of who said what:




Liberal Democrats

And yes – whoever gets elected: we’ll hold them to their promises !

In more general terms, all the parliamentary candidates for Hornsey and Wood Green, with the exception of one, have been living in the constituency for many years, which is always a good sign.

In terms of local elections: I hope you managed to scrutinize the candidates for your ward before making up your mind. I went to my local ward hustings, organised by my fabulous residents association, on Tuesday night. I was appalled by the poor quality of many of the local council candidates. Quite a number of them didn’t bother to show up. It was the only hustings for the ward they want to represent and they don’t show up two days before the election ? How often will we see them once they get elected then?

 Absolutely shocking.

Those who turned up put in a pretty poor performance on the panel – admittedly some were better than others but even the better ones said some pretty naive things. On the whole panel there was only one local candidate who was clearly more experienced, articulate, passionate and clued up about local issues than the rest of them.

I just hope whoever gets elected to represent our ward gets a grip and learns very, very quickly. We really need some intelligent, experienced and passionate people  to represent our diverse community.

Happy voting !


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