38 weeks: Acupuncture at the Whittington

May 5, 2010

Lately I have heard a few birth experiences from people I know who were overdue,  had to be induced, had a difficult labour and in the end had to have a Caesarean. Hearing these stories is not the best birth preparation for me but that’s life and you simply can’t avoid hearing about some things.

So in the hope that it might help to give birth to the baby on time I went to have birth preparation acupuncture at the Whittington yesterday.

It was quite an experience. Firstly, the acupuncturist was extremely nice. What is it with the Whittington staff ? Am I just lucky that I always end up with the nice people ? As regular readers of this blog will know I am a fan of virtually all Whittington midwives I have  so far met but now it looks like I will have to include the acupuncturists, too.

Secondly the whole experience was a lot more pleasant than I had anticipated. I only got eight needles (two in the feet, four in the legs and two in the hands).  I am not sure what I was expecting but it was nice to get stung only eight times and I can’t even say it hurt – more like a little sting when the needles go in.

Thirdly and most amazingly once the needles were in I actually felt pressure on my uterus, which came and went in waves. I don’t know much about alternative medicine. In fact I am not even sure if all these things really work but yesterday I could undeniably feel that the needles in my legs and feet had some kind of influence on my uterus. Pretty amazing, eh?

I’ll be back next week for another session and see if it helps to deliver on time. I have heard from friends who had acupuncture and think that’s why their baby came on time and those who had acupuncture and were still two weeks late…so who knows ….but it’s free at the Whittington and – as I said the acupuncturist is nice. So I’d recommend it.

You can have the acupuncture from 38 weeks at the Whittington but try to book at least a few weeks ahead to get a slot.

If you can’t get a slot because you left it too late or want to have acupuncture before 38 weeks you can book a session at the Active Birth Centre just down the road from the Whittington. But you obviously would have to pay for that.


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