Why are the bureaucrats still patronizing us?

May 2, 2010

To all the bureaucrats out there: Get over it ! We’ve won the campaign to save the Whittington …so could you just STOP patronizing local people for once so we can enjoy our well deserved victory ? Thank you !

The bureaucrat who upset me just now wasn’t Rachel Tyndall or Richard Sumray for once – it was ex-Treasury official John Gieve speaking on Channel 4’s: Election Uncovered: What They Won’t Tell Us. The panel was discussing a future squeeze on the NHS and efficiency savings.  He said that:  “The only thing I have been canvassed on in the last weeks was the closure of one A&E ward in one hospital in North London, which has been reversed. The campaign has won.”

Could he be talking about the Whittington I wonder?

“But that is what in the health service could be efficiency savings, namely saving money in the hospital sector to make more available for new treatment in the community. But people feel very strongly about it. They see that as a cut in service.”

Dear John Gieve,

Firstly, the plans to close the Whittington A&E were not meant to be efficiency savings. I (and many other people, too) have been banging on about how there has been neither clinical evidence nor a business case for the closure of the Whittington A&E and Maternity. No one was able to make this case. If you can, please do. I’d be still very interested to find out how these ridiculous plans would have stacked up. If you can’t – well maybe you should stick to talking about things you can explain properly when speaking on national television.

Secondly, local people “see” the closure as cuts, because it would have been just that:  A cut to vital services the community needs.

If I had a big fat pension from years spent in the Treasury – I, like you, might also not bother finding out the details about health cuts in my local area because I could simply pay for private health care for me and my family if needed.

Well – guess what:  Most of us haven’t that sort of money and we are dependent on these vital services. That’s why we feel so strongly about it.

That doesn’t mean we’re dumb, that also doesn’t mean we are deluded about the extent of the deficit or the sacrifices that all of us will have to make. (Well, maybe not you, John. I am sure your big fat pension will be safe). It simply means that we want to be able to get to the A&E and time if we have an accident so we will still be alive when the economic downturn is over.

So until then – enjoy your big fat pension by all means – I’d just ask one thing of you: Don’t patronize us on national television !

And if you ever need the Whittington A&E before they provide Accident and Emergency Units on private health insurance…I promise I won’t bring it up then. I will simply wish you a swift recovery.


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