BBC London on Whittington Victory and next steps

April 30, 2010

There was a really good news item on BBC London news last night, covering the rally and the campaign victory. Unfortunately I can’t see it online anywhere.

But here is the link to an article on their website.

I am still over-joyed by yesterdays news and  last night even had a couple of non-alcoholic beers to celebrate. Ohh …these wild parties when you’re  nearly 38 weeks pregnant…

Some people have rightly warned that the situation after the election needs to be very carefully monitored and I agree.

It’s still unclear if there are policies already in place to undermine the financial viability of the Whittington and this needs to be investigated further.  Also we mustn’t forget that the Primary Care Trust and the North Central London NHS are unelected, unaccountable quangos who are impossible to scrutinize. We also now know that you can’t rely on the information they give out, such as their claim to have evidence, which turns out to be no evidence after all.

Just reading the BBC article: “An NHS London spokesman said “there are no plans” to downgrade A&E or maternity at the Whittington.”

Has this person read the North Central London Strategy Plan 2010 – 2014 ?

If not, how incompetent can a spokesperson be not to be aware of such an important document?

If yes, why is he/she lying ?

Or did he/she meant to say that the Strategy Plan has become obsolete? Why didn’t he/she make that clear then ? 

Anyway – you can see there is some more blogging to be done but I am definitely a lot more confident about the future of the Whittington then before. I’ll also continue to entertain you with my little pregnancy adventures as you guys seem to like them.

But for now I’ll get ready to enjoy the bank holiday weekend. I hope you do, too 🙂 Have fun !


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