Hornsey and Wood Green Candidates Hustings tom. @ 7 pm

April 27, 2010

The Ham&High is organising hustings with the four main party candidates for Hornsey & Wood Green

When?  Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 pm

Where?  Greig City Academy, High Street, Hornsey (entrance in Hillfield Avenue), N8 7NU

Please note: The event now starts at 7 pm, not 8 pm as originally advertised. If I hadn’t double-checked last night I would have turned up at 8 and missed out on all the fun.

Me and my mates of the Noel Park North Residents Association will go along to ask questions.

You can also e-mail editorial@hamhigh.co.uk in advance with questions. I have just done it and asked – you guessed it – about the Whittington. Will post the answers here !

Click here for more details about the event.


3 Responses to “Hornsey and Wood Green Candidates Hustings tom. @ 7 pm”

  1. Sean Boyle Says:

    The 27th is Tuesday, not Wednesday.
    Which day is it?

  2. Sean Boyle Says:

    It’s Wednesday 28th. Found this on Karen Jennings’ website:

    Ham and High Hustings (likely to be the largest and highest profile)
    Greig City Academy, High Street, Hornsey (entrance in Hillfield Avenue), N8 7NU

    7.30pm, Sunday 2nd May
    Muswell Hill Churches Hustings
    St James Church, St James Lane, N10 3DB (opposite Planet Organic and the Cinema in Muswell Hill.)

  3. Sorry for the confusian, Sian.

    The date when I write a blog post is always displayed on top. So I wrote this on Tuesday, 27th announcing it for the next day (Wednesday, 28th). Hope everyone who wanted to come went.

    If not see the other hustings above. I think there is also one on Friday organised by Haringey Carers but I don’t have the details….will write up short report about last night shortly…

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