Maternity Services Liaison Committee Meeting this Friday

April 22, 2010

Oh my god ! I have really taken my eye off the ball regarding the Whittington in the last week. Just saw this on the NCT Haringey facebook group:

“Maternity Services Liaison Committee Meeting this Friday 23rd, 12-2pm at Holbrook House, Cockfosters.

Your chance to have your voice heard by those both commissioning and providing Haringey’s maternity services.

Contact Polly Faber at polly.faber[AT] if you’d like to come or have an experience you’d like her to share with them on your behalf.”

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go tomorrow but will e-mail Polly with questions regarding the future of the maternity services at the Whittington.


One Response to “Maternity Services Liaison Committee Meeting this Friday”

  1. Just to update you on this: Polly very kindly passed on the questions I had e-mailed and reported back to me. Here is an extract:

    “I passed on your e mail of questions to the community midwifery manager at the Whittington. She confirmed that there are no plans to close maternity services at the Whittington in any exisiting documentation she has seen. (…)no staff have been involved in any discussions about this to date. She was going to pass your concerns on (…) As plans crystallise post election, we will certainly consider any developments as a formal agenda item (…) The next MSLC meeting will be June 17th (…)

    Obviously now in the light of the new committment by all parties to save the Whittington all this will become less pressing but I will keep an eye on things and attend the Labour Ward Forum and the Maternity Services Liaison Committee meetings if possible.

    Thanks a million to Polly for being so very helpful on this issue !

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