Hospital bags … and too busy to blog … aaarrgh !

April 22, 2010

My sincere apologies for not surfacing on this blog for a week.  Someone I know is in an absolutely terrifying situation and I have spent a lot of time over the last week trying to help him. If you want to help click here and here. Thank you !

I agree I shouldn’t have to deal with all this crap  at 36 weeks pregnant. Thank you bureaucrats of the UK ! I hope you enjoy your salaries and that one day your decisions which messed up peoples’ lives BIG  TIME will come back to haunt you ! Anyway the sh** has hit the fan and it’s the same with the Whittington – It’s very hard to sit back, watch and do nothing when you know that peoples lives are on the line.

Don't forget to take a sieve to the Birth Centre

Anyway – in between all this I do manage to get ready for the baby. Last weekend I finally managed to…pack my hospital bag ! Yay !

Well – when I say hospital BAG – it’s an understatement. It’s like a hospital SUITCASE – yes – the big one my partner and I usually take for both of us on a two-week holiday. I feel like I am about to move into the Whittington.

Yes – I do feel ridiculous taking all these things. But I have never given birth before.  I have no clue what I will need. I am a minimalist by nature so if it would have been up to me I’d probably have taken a couple of nappies and a book for the journey to the Whittington….

But luckily there are “what to take” lists for naive people like me. I chose to focus only on the three most reliable lists: The one in Chapter 8 of  the NHS pregnancy book, the one I have been given by the NCT and the one I have been given during my antenatal classes by a midwife from the Woodside team….and I have ended up with a Hospital SUITCASE….oh well…

I finally finished packing on Sunday and was proud of myself for getting it all done….only to turn up for my Birth Centre assessment at the Whittington on Monday to be given…yet another list…”what to take to the Birth Centre”…and of course there were two items I hadn’t yet packed: a mirror and a sieve.

While I could guess why they suggest to bring a mirror (not a terribly pleasant thought) I had no clue what the sieve is for…

I have since found out. Trust me you don’t want to know…unless of course you’re an expectant mother like me and need to know…in which case – e-mail me at whittingtonmum[AT] and I tell you in private . Or ask your midwife 🙂


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