35 weeks: Meeting my Whittington midwife

April 14, 2010

On Monday I went to see the midwife for a check up and a quick discussion of my birth plan. I was very relieved to hear that everything seems fine and that the baby lies head down ! Yay !

 I hope he stays in this position. The midwife said that he’s unlikely to move now…Fingers crossed…

It was the first time my partner could actually come along to a midwife appointment and the first time he listened to the baby’s heart beat so he was well excited 🙂

In the evening we sat down together to write my birth plan in more detail so we could discuss what I would like to happen during labour. So if neccessary he can tell the midwives in case I am labouring away and can’t talk.

A word of warning about birth plans: If you are expecting parents like us and you come across the fabously looking birth plan template on the NHS website: http://www.nhs.uk/Planners/pregnancycareplanner/Pages/BirthPlan.aspx

and you are tempted to fill it in: Don’t !

It all seems like a terribly good idea until you reach the end of it and start printing…It’s 12 pages long and in tiny print. I don’t think I want the midwife studying my 12 page birth plan when I am in labour. I’d rather have her studying me and the baby.

If you are at the Whittington I’d stick with the birth plan template on page 32 of your maternity notes. Simple and one page long.  I reckon that’s all we need.


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