YES !!!! Nick Clegg says he would not close Whittington A&E !

April 7, 2010

Fantastic News !

After Caroline Lucas, Nick Clegg is now the second political party leader to say that he would not let the Whittington A&E  close !

Nick Clegg said:

“I support the campaign to save Whittington A&E. Decisions about local services should be taken by locally accountable bodies. I would not let North London Central NHS close this A&E. I oppose all proposals made by unaccountable bureaucrats which threaten local services.”

This is a real boost for the campaign to save the Whittington ! Read more on Lynne Featherstone’s blog

Two down (Lucas and Clegg), Two to go (Cameron and Brown) ! 

I really don’t see why Cameron and Brown could not make similar promises – unless of course they support the Whittington A&E closure and the way the process is conducted.

Let’s ask them now ! E-mail Cameron and Brown. And please contact your local Conservative and Labour parliamentary candidates on this issue, too.

It’s great to see that our pressure has an impact !


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