Breastfeeding workshop with Whittington midwife

March 26, 2010

On Wednesday I went to my local childrens’ centre to learn all about breastfeeding. The course was taught by a midwife from the Whittington’s Woodside team.

The course was really interesting and it struck me again how truly passionate the midwives are about their work, how experienced and how understanding of expectant and new mothers. I find it particularly pleasant that they come across as inclusive and non-judgemental. As an expectant mother who is not quite sure how things will work out once the baby has arrived I find their attitude very re-assuring .

I can’t help to compare the passion and the genuine desire to deliver the best possible services for mothers of the midwives to the patronizing attitude the NHS officials display towards patients. A clinician who tells me I’ll be fine in an emergency as long as I self-diagnose myself and a serial quangocrat who thinks he doesn’t even need to bother presenting an evidence-based case for change because scum like me will always be opposed to change anyway.

Shame on North Central London NHS bureaucrats and quangocrats !

And three heartfelt cheers for our brilliant Whittington midwives !


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