Another Whittington debate in parliament

March 19, 2010

On Wednesday Lynne Featherstone secured a debate in Westminster Hall about the future of London hospitals.

The debate makes it very clear – yet again – that there is no evidence for closing the Whittington A&E.

And yet again Mike O’Brien, Minister for Health Services said that:

  “We have invested £30 million in it, and we want to ensure that the hospital continues to develop. I have seen no evidence that A and E at Whittington should close. I would want to see a good clinical case-I have never seen one-for closing it. We have invested money in the hospital, and we want to ensure that it can continue to develop for the people of London. We will ensure that any case is looked at with care. I am sceptical about closing A and E at Whittington, and I would find it difficult to accept the case for that to occur.”

Ok. Fine. We know already that the Minister is sceptical and that he hasn’t seen any evidence. So why does he let the process of closing the Whittington continue even for one more minute?

I agree with Jeremy Corbyn in this debate. I firmly believe that ” it would be in everybody’s interest if the plan to downgrade the Whittington from a district general hospital with an A and E was simply dropped, and we were guaranteed the continuation of the hospital in its current very successful form.”

You can watch the debate here and read it here.

Debating the Whittington in parliament


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