Noel Park North for the Whittington !

March 18, 2010

I went to my local residents association (Noel Park North Area) meeting yesterday. Everyone is of course appalled by the plans to close the Whittington A&E. I am yet to find one local  resident who doesn’t oppose the closure plans or at least doesn’t mind. It seems they don’t exist.

Quite a few of our members went to the march to defend the Whittington and last night we decided that it was now time to write a few letters. So we agreed that our Chair will sent letters to the Minister for Health Services asking him to stop the closure plans before the next election. 

We also decided to write to the three main party leaders asking for a firm commitment to not close the Whittington should their party form the next government. I’ll post our letters here once we have sent them out so you can adapt them and send them yourselves if you would like to.

We are also going to sent a letter of support to Whittington staff thanking them for the great work they do looking after all of us.

It was a great meeting. Unfortunately from now on our residents association will loose our regular meeting room because we are not allowed to meet for free anymore in our local community hall. It is of course ridiculous to not allow a residents association to use the local community hall. All thanks to Neighbourhood management in Noel Park. Fantastic support for local residents, Sonia ! Well done, I hope you are very proud of yourself !

So now we have to campaign for something as mondane as a local meeting room alongside a matter of life and death  like the Whittington A&E ! It’s a strange world.


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