31 weeks: meeting my Whittington midwife

March 16, 2010

Yesterday I had my 31 week-check up with my absolutely wonderful midwife from the Whittington’s Woodside team.

I am happy to report that everything seems well and baby is growing as it should ūüôā But apparently by now I should have noticed a pattern on when the baby moves. Being a not very observant mother I haven’t yet noticed any pattern so now my task is to record my babies movement in a chart. Ticking the boxes every time the baby moves¬†feels a bit weird but since I’ve been doing it I realized that baby moves a lot more than I was aware of. And that is very re-assuring.

As usual it was lovely to see my midwife and she patiently answered all my many questions. She has also very efficiently booked a birth centre assessment for me at the Whittington in April. I really hope I will be able to give birth at the centre. Fingers crossed.

Where are all these highly diligent and competent midwives, like mine,¬†are going to go if Whittington maternity closes? Are they really all going to transfer to big birthing factories, where – according to Cathy Warwick – they fear they can’t deliver the personal standard of care they want to give?¬†Will these midwives be able to bear to compromise their professional standards to such an extent? Or will many of them make¬†a very¬†difficult choice: Set up as independent midwives and only work for well-to-do patients but deliver the care they feel is neccessary. And who then is left¬†to deliver the other babies? I for one can’t afford private health¬†care¬†– and I reckon¬†the vast majority¬†of¬† mums in Haringey can’t either.

It annoys me so very much that NHS bureaucrats are earning a fortune for making ridiculous plans.  Just one example:  according to Lee Scott, MP the chief executive in the Barking, Havering and Redbridge trust got a substantial pay-off for working up one of the largest deficits in this country.

While the bureaucrats get rich no matter how awful their mistakes are  fantastic frontline staff are driven either out of the NHS system or into the ground by the system.

I still believe that we can win this fight. But only if all of us pull together.

So please tell everyone you know about these plans (I’m still meeting people who have not heard about it) and ask them to sign the petition and ask their friends, too.


2 Responses to “31 weeks: meeting my Whittington midwife”

  1. Woody Says:

    Morning Sara,
    Love the blog!!!
    Glad your little man is keeping active.
    Keep up the good work, its women and families like you, who are using the service that have the biggest voice when it comes to change.
    Your very proud Midwife x

  2. Thank you, Woody !

    Glad you like the blog and thanks so much for looking after me and the baby so well.

    We’ll try and do everything we can to keep our beloved Whittington. I hope we will win this battle soon so that we don’t have to worry for much longer.

    Professionals like you should simply be allowed to get on with your very important jobs: looking after mums and babies.

    And mothers like me should simply be allowed to look after themselves and their babies.

    Has no one told the NHS bosses that stress and worry in the latter stages of pregnancy is not good for babies’ development ????

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