Health minister and Dept. of Health ask: Where is the evidence for A&E closure?

March 12, 2010

I sincerely hope that my readers will forgive me for any bitterness in the piece below. Any ironic or sarcastic comments are entirely instinctual and were – of course – made unintentionally.

There is a series of great articles in the Islington Tribune and the Camden New Journal, published yesterday.

Click here to read them.

As you know I have raised concerns that the closure plans do not seem to be based on any evidence whatsoever. And as reported on this blog Health Minister Mike O’Brien said in parliament on Tuesday that he had not seen any clinical evidence to convince him that the closure was justified.

Now the Islington Tribune reports that even the Department of Health says it has seen only limited evidence.

So we haven’t  seen the evidence, the Health minister hasn’t seen the evidence and the Department of Health has not seen the evidence either.

May I ask who then has seen the evidence on the basis of which life and death decisions for North Londoners are made ?!?

Oh no – wait ! There is some evidence after all:

Apparently the Primary Care Foundation has now published its investigation into the suggested reform and say that 10% of patients currently using  A&E could be more effectively treated elsewhere.

10 % – a truly impressive number ! Let’s close the Whittington A&E because 10 % of patients can go elsewhere ! With regards to the other 90% …em..well….maybe they can just crawl off and die somewhere?

I am with Richard Sumray, Chair of Haringey Primary Care Trust on this one: I simply don’t understand why local people are always so resistant to Health Care reform…


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