Who am I and why am I doing this?

February 28, 2010

Who am I ?

My name is Sara and I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my first son. This means I have roughly two and a half months to go before giving birth.

I live in Wood Green, North London and I plan to give birth at the Whittington Hospital in Archway.

Why am I doing this ?

As those of you who have children or have been around expecting parents know pregnancy is a time of great joy and expectations but also a time of  some worry: How will I cope with giving birth? What do I need to buy for my baby? Breast or bottle feeding? Will I be a good parent?

As if all this is not enough to worry about North London NHS bosses have just given me another major headache: The proposed closure of the maternity and A&E unit (including a special children’s A&E area) at the Whittington Hospital !

Thanks, Guys ! I could have really done without your ridiculous cost-cutting plans !  They will put my family and me and thousands of others in North London at great risk !

And to all of those NHS technocrats out there – PLEASE don’t try to argue with me on this one:  Getting all the long, long way from Wood Green to Euston or Hampstead in an emergency WILL put our lives at risk. You might think this is an acceptable risk to take for cutting costs – but it’s MY life and I disagree. And so would you if you were in my shoes.

The dangerous cuts are on the table so instead of wishing for a more care-free pregnancy I better get blogging and tell you about me, my baby and the Whittington and why we need to oppose the closure of the Whittington A&E if we want to keep our families and ourselves safe.

Luckily, I am not on my own. The Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition has set up a tremendous campaign with support from pretty much every reasonable person in North London and beyond. They are doing a fantastic job ! So let my voice be one of many, many others in support of the campaign.

If you have not yet signed the petition and pledged to support us PLEASE CLICK HERE.


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