The Whittington and me – the story so far

February 28, 2010

Last October I got the ball rolling and told my GP that I was pregnant and that I wanted to give birth at the Whittington.

A few days later I received a phone call from a lovely bubbly lady. It turned out she was to be my midwife from the Whittington and as I had some trouble leaving the house at that time she offered to come to my home for the first appointment.

I really didn’t know what to expect before the first appointment but my midwife has been brilliant all the way so far. I like her sensitive but firmly positive and competent attitude towards me and my growing baby. You can really tell that she cares deeply about all her expecting mums and their babies. And I am not the only one in my neighbourhood who is very happy with the care their midwives provide – so everyone – I think  it’s time for THREE CHEERS FOR THE MIDWIVES OF THE WOODSIDE TEAM AT THE WHITTINGTON…. HIP HIP HIP……

All my other dealings with the Whittington have been pretty good as well. Ok, ok, ok …getting a date for a scan takes AGES…especially if you – like me -happen to have a holiday planned and can’t bring yourself to cancel it to attend the scan date you have been allocated. Even if you phone straight away to get an alternative date it will set your scan back two to three weeks.

But that  only proves my point – resources are already really, really streched….so what will happen if they ship all of us North London pregnant ladies to UCLH or the Royal Free to have our scan on top of all the other pregnant ladies who are already there ? We’d be lucky to get our 12-weeks scan just before we are due to give birth…..

Apart from the shortage of scan appointments I really like going to the Whittington. I like the new, modern main entrance and I like the light waiting room with the big windows on the third floor. Admittedly I find the weird buzzers which make awful noises to call you into your scan room annoying – but I never said the Whittington was perfect…just a pretty decent hospital. Its’ maternity and A&E services should not be closed down.

I had to wait nearly 45 minutes for my first scan but staff were super apologetic (and I am sure it wasn’t even their fault) and we were given scan pictures of our little boy for free to make up for the wait. For the second scan waiting times were minimal.

Whittington Scan of my baby

As you can see so far my experience with the Whittington has been really positive and I’ll blog more about it as I go along. I sincerely hope my future posts will feature my experience in the maternity unit and that I will be spared from having to blog about the A&E unit from personal experience.

But personal experience or not: The maternity unit and the A&E must remain open.  I really don’t want to be the mother with a pram stuck in a traffic jam like in the famous Whittington song:

“[…]While mothers with prams are stuck in traffic jams,
All because the NHS has a business plan.[…]”


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